Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Veterans event at VA Long Beach

The exterior of the original VA Hospital in Long Beach. 
A memorial to veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. 

Veterans that could attend came to the dining hall to hang out with us. Many of the veterans could not attend due to physical limitations or doctor's orders for bed rest. 
The live music was presented by the Good News Quartet. The dining hall was used to glorify Christ through worship.
We were blessed by a veteran that came to the dining hall and was on bed-rest. Some of the ministry volunteers had time to meet one-on-one with veterans receiving care at the spinal ward. We were honored to serve these men during their stay at the hospital. These veterans receive care in the ward anywhere from several weeks to 3-6 months. 
The Good News Quartet sang loud and true.
There was a WWII veteran that told us stories about the Nazi's and many others told us about their experiences in different wars; Korea, Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan. Some were fun stories and others told us serious life changing stories. Most of these men were believers. All in all there were some 40 veterans that we delivered care packages and pizza to bedside.

Special warfare was present along with many other branches of the U.S. Military. 
The volunteers got to hang out with veterans and socialize. Many veterans asked for prayer and we listened as they shared. One volunteer brought a therapy dog to the event. 
The water tower nearby the hospital bares the "VA" symbol.  For many this symbol represents a life changing experience. Many veterans face an up-hill-battle with the Veterans Administration which is tasked to provide monetary and health benefits for our wounded veterans. 

The service officers of the Veterans Ministry assist veterans filing claims to receive benefits from the VA. The volunteers of the Veterans Support Group meet weekly to discuss military experiences, veterans issues, and biblical topics.