Monday, July 20, 2015

Care Packages for Hospitalized Veterans - August 9th

Dear Friends-

We will be meeting in the Refinery on Sunday, August 9 from 12:30 -1:30 to assemble the care packages for hospitalized veterans. As always, we want this to be a special time of fellowship and prayer for our veterans and volunteers.

In an effort to show our appreciation for our veterans, we are asking for several types of donations. We will be assembling 75 care packages. The following items are needed:

1. Thank you notes addressed "Dear Veteran". Most thank you cards are made at-home. It's a great project to do with your small group, children's groups, neighbors and family.

2. Men's socks (Available at Costco, Kirkland brand in 6 pack)

3. Decks of cards and small games

4. Christian books and booklets

5. Crossword and Puzzle books (Available at 99 cent store)

6. Large zip lock bags approximately 10.5 inches wide X 11 inches high. (Available at Target- we need at least 75 bags)

7. American Flag Stickers or small patriotic items that are able to fit in the zip lock bag

8. Magazines- fishing, ESPN, Christian, Wired, etc.

9. Other types of donations are welcomed.

If you wish to donate, please contact me, Candy. I am coordinating the donations from small groups and individuals. There are a few different ways to give donations. They can be brought to the Refinery on Sunday, August 9 or dropped off at the church office during the week prior. Please label it Veteran's Ministry if you're going to the church office. Also, there will be a drop box in the "Refinery" August 8-9. 

On August 15 we will be delivering the care packages and visiting with veterans in the spinal ward of the VA Long Beach hospital. More details to come.


Candy Soden