Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Spinal Ward receives iPad and an iPod

We presented Ann Kaneechy, an employee of the spinal ward, the Apple computers to be used by veterans being treated in the spinal ward. Ann will give us feedback about how they are being used in a couple of weeks.

veterans get iPad donated
A World War II veteran being shown video conferencing on the iPad. Not many WWII soldiers because they are getting up there in age. He served as an Army infantryman out of Maryland (the Army's 80th).

The letter presented to the staff of the spinal ward reads:

The Veterans Ministry is pleased to present Apple computers to the spinal ward of the VA Long Beach Medical Center in remembrance of Scott Hansen, our fallen comrade. With this technology, patients of the spinal ward can interact on social media and will be able to hold video conferences with their loved ones. We present these devices to Ann Kaneechy to hold and use for the benefit of spinal ward patients, our fellow veterans.